Security Guard

Nationwide Security is dedicated to a full security service focusing on protection of people, small residential and commercial communities and their assets. Should you require property checked regularly to ensure that all is safe and secure – our security guard is on site 24 hours 7 days a week. The uniformed security guard officer is trained to assist in the prevention, deterrence and detection of vandalism, theft or safety-related incidents. If evidence of criminal activity is found, we notify local law enforcement immediately or through our communication capabilities.

Security Guard Officers

Quality and professionalism of our Security officers is paramount. As the first point of contact for many businesses, staff and customers – combining skills in service and protection is a critical element. One of the key areas that differentiate Nationwide from our competitors is the level of supervision that we employ, to ensure that our clients’ requirements are being met. The decision not to maximise profit by reducing the level of supervision has proven to be a key factor for achieving high level of customer satisfaction.

Our team of qualified consultants provides expertise in:

  • Appearance
  • Licenses
  • Compliance with Assignment Instructions
  • Auditing of Records and Incident Book
  • Auditing of Site Patrols

Nationwide Security takes pride in the appearance of our security personnel. Uniforms are provided to each Security Officer to suit the environment in which they work, and compliant with strict regulations. Nationwide uniforms are clearly recognisable, facilitating high profile security.

For Inquiries about Nationwide Security Please Call: (905)-764-1540