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years of experience in security business

Security Guard

We are dedicated to a full security service focusing on protection of people, small residential and commercial communities and their assets.

Concierge Security

We specialize in concierge services, system integration, consulting for condominium properties and commercial buildings and plazas.

Mobile Patrol

Nationwide Security offers a complete routine patrol of secured sites to observe and ensure the safety of the premises.

The three components of NWS Ltd. Business Vision are:

Values  -  Purpose  -  Visionary Goals

Why people choose us?

Choosing a proper security solution is one of the most important decisions you will make.
    Latest Technology

    We work with property managers to insure proper surveillance and access systems are installed in the premises to enable our staff efficiently monitor and protect your premises, residences and employees.


    With years of experience in the industry, properly trained staff, extensive knowledge and proper equipment, we could offer you peace of mind knowing that we offer the highest standards of surveillance and security services.

    Well Trained and satisfied employees

    Making our guards feel appreciated retains loyalty. We treat all employees the same way we treat you, with dignity and respect. They also receive refreshment training to ensure that their skills are always sharp.