Mobile Patrol

Nationwide Security offers a complete routine patrol of secured sites to observe and ensure the safety of the premises. Scheduled patrols are completed by uniformed officers in marked “NWS” vehicles with standardized equipment and documentation. Should a Patrol officer find anything out of the ordinary while on site a detailed and factual Incident Report will be documented and forwarded to Security Supervisor and Property Management Office. The Incident Report is a legal document and is considered the Customer and Nationwide Security confidential.

Mobile Patrols Services
Mobile Patrols are a cost effective way to have a security presence at your premises, acting as a deterrent without the cost of a full time guard. Nationwide Security’s mobile patrol services have been securing Canadian businesses for over 10 years, with an reputation for reliability. Maximum benefit can be gained from a service where the Nationwide patrol guard carries client’s keys in a secure environment and conducts an internal after-hours inspection of the site. This ensures that the maintenance of the site is preserved, allowing for identification of situations such as potential fire hazards, unsecured company information and systems and other irregularities. The patrol officer will immediately contact and notify a company representative of any storm or malicious damage, attempted and/or confirmed break and enter, or vandalism.

Alarm response and tracking
When an alarm is triggered, a fast and reliable response is critical to ensure minimal loss or damage to your premises. In a recent audit of all alarm responses attended to nationally, Nationwide Security has an average response time of 16 minutes - which is less than half the industry standard of 35 minutes.

Risk Assessment
How secure is your site? There are a thousand strategies that can be used to invade and steal from you. Each of these has a countermeasure that needs to be in place before it is required. Trained Nationwide Security experts can audit and advise to help you anticipate possible breaches of your security, and recommend ways to minimise your risk.

Staff Escorts
When you or your employees need to be accompanied for security reasons, Nationwide Security has professionals who will advise and protect you, and any personal belongings that you need to be guarded in transit. Nationwide’s professional Security Officers will assist you in the lock-up of your premises and then escort your staff off site to their vehicle or nearest public transport.

Opening / Closing of premises
Nationwide can attend your property and ensure that it is open for business prior to staff and/or customers arrival – and then ensure it is completely secured at the end of trade. This service extends to both professional and public buildings, such as amenities or sporting facilities to corporate office complexes.

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