Concierge Security

Nationwide Security specializes in concierge services, system integration, consulting and investigation support for residential condominium properties and commercial buildings and plazas. Working close with Property Management Offices - Uniformed Security Personnel provide high quality level of on-site security monitoring, all the necessary building-related security procedures and operation standards for residents and visitors. Also, security guards provide a high level of customer service responding to all security-related inquiries and emergency situation.

Our qualified consultants provides expertise in:

  • Evaluating risk
  • Documenting policies and procedures
  • Conducting security training
  • Managing the total security program

Concierge Guards perform regular shift duties like:

  • Site information
  • Equipment and work-station
  • Shift start and end duties
  • Access and alarm control duties
  • Patrol duties

As well as site specific duties like:

  • Bailiff on site
  • Building inspector, canvassers/solicitors on site
  • Elevator inspector on site
  • Fire inspector on site

For Inquiries about Nationwide Security Please Call: (905)-764-1540