It is my pleasure to recommend Nationwide Security Ltd to you and I do so with
Our experience with Nationwide Security Ltd in condominium complex is great and they
provide a full range and high quality of security management services. All the security
guards who work on site are highly trained and are subject to constant site supervision and
random inspections. They provide or assist in undertaking additional duties on site such as
reception, stock / ticketing control and administration. Also, they like to work with
management team and board of directors of the corporations to discuss individual needs
with each to design and implement the quality service on site that fully meets the specific
goal in specific areas.
In condominium, each building can present unique situations and all different required
individual responds and preventions, all answers of security strategy and security solutions
can be found with Nationwide Security Ltd. They will deliver a unique service plan to you
with answers to your concerns. They are professional and I recommend Nationwide
Security Ltd whole heartedly.

As Agent/or and On behalf of YRSCC # 1006 & 1012, Times Property Management